A successful IT strategy supports the overall organizational mission.

Many IT consultants and IT support vendors hide strategic information from customers so they can stick around for life.

This leads to three major customer drawbacks:

  1. It is a colossal waste of money.
  2. It leads to strategic IT decisions that are made on behalf of the customer instead of with them Think about blindly ordering two new servers when there was a cloud option for your EHR that you might have liked better or buying an unneeded new phone system when your patient portal is actually going to reduce your phone usage by 40% over the next three years.
  3. It keeps customers from understanding the basic elements of their IT Network We think our customers can easily understand the basic elements of their network without getting bogged down in computer-speak.

The following steps describe our basic approach to developing an IT strategic plan:

  • Document the existing network
  • Develop an IT strategy statement that supports the organizational mission
  • Develop an IT budget
  • Develop an IT strategic plan based on enterprise value
  • Make every decision based on the IT strategic plan

If you are tired of being blindsided by IT expenses, we can help you understand what the future will cost.

If you are tired of technology roadblocks preventing you from achieving your clinical goals, we can help you make better decisions.

If you are tired of not knowing if you spend too much on IT, we can give you a better perspective.